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Do you have a dream destination next to a tight budget? On what do you compromise? How do you travel for less? Keeping your tight budget in mind, what you need is a guide to help put your travel plans into action. Reach the perfect destination when taking action by visiting cheap flights today!

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Meet Henry and Trudie. When they started to plan their first holiday, both were excited. They decided to discover the wonders of South Africa. Saving time on the road they decided to travel by air, increasing their expenses: from Johannesburg to Cape Town, then To Port Elizabeth and finally To Durban. From doing hiking tours, hop-on-hop-off tourist buses, visiting Aquariums, shark diving, etc. Henry and Trudie really couldn’t hide their excitement. Finally, the time to book their aeroplane tickets arrived! After considering their current budget and pricey flight fares, they decided that visiting a local museum and theme park would be more realistic.

Let Cheap Flights Make You Travel More for Less

You have a bucket list of places to see but only a few bucks to use. In a pickle? Cheap flights can save you money and get you to those dream destinations. Flying cheap is not the only way of going easy on your purse. Let the Travel Cheap Guide give you seven tips to make your dream a reality. In short what you will read:

  • Do Travel Hacking: pre-check the best prices on flight fares.
  • Hit Rock-Bottom: always be on the lookout for discounts and coupons to save!
  • Cook on the Go: rather travel, don’t use valuable travel money on food.
  • Be Clever When Buying: buy your travel accessories at local shops, avoid tourist shops.
  • Planning is Key: booking ahead saves you money.
  • Go Team: travelling in a group has its advantages.
  • Don’t Expect Luxury: be flexible and not too fussy about your preferences.

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#01 Do Travel Hacking: by Cutting on Flight Fares

Whether it is from Cape Town to Durban, or Durban to Johannesburg, hack your flight and get the best price! Trust that your longing to travel in South Africa is also their longing. When cutting on a flight, others already invested the time and effort searching for the best prices and deals for you! Make that dream not only a reality but a memory that will last forever!

#02 Hit Rock-bottom

Who doesn’t like giveaways? When we go shopping: we look for specials or use that coupon we received a month ago in the post. When on the road, there are several giveaways you can use to travel cheaper! Click To Tweet One of the easiest ways is to subscribe to airline mailing lists. Receiving regular emails enable you to regulate where possible specials are, or if you are on a reward system how to earn bonus points! Want to now where to subscribe your email, click here and already receive the best flight specials available!

Want Extra Travelling Tips?

#03 Cook on the Go!

It is convenient to buy food while on the road. But paying for that convenience can be hard on your travelling budget. Save when you cook your meals the night before. You don’t necessarily need a kitchen to cook. An on the go salad or wholesome sandwich can make a picnic next to the road or in a public park fun!

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#04 Be Clever When Buying

Before your journey starts, make sure what kind of luggage you will need for the entire trip. It can include travelling bags; cushions; locks for your luggage; a charger for your phone; headsets if you frequently use it; and of course, your on-the-go toiletries. Make sure you have what you need to travel comfortably and avoid purchasing at tourist shops, train stations or airports; it will be double the actual price.

#05 Planning is Key

Planning can reduce your travelling costs by almost 50%. Booking ahead is cheaper. This include from booking your flights, rail passes, bus cards to entertainment events. For example, if you know the exact date of your departure book your flight sooner than later- this naturally exclude last minute specials, but it does save you your seat! Get all your need to know last minute discounts information here.

#06 Go Team

Travelling in a group can ensure discounts. Varies travel companies offer good discounts to a person who organises a group tour. It doesn’t mean you are the travel guide or group leader. But it does ensure you get to travel cheaper. Let the site that knows all about social media help you travel cheaper and wiser!

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#07 Don’t Expect Luxury

We all love luxury, but wouldn’t you rather visit your bucket list destinations? Save your money while on the move. Don’t pay more for accommodation than is needed: if you are planning to be out and about for the whole day rather choose to sleep in a dormitory. Also, consider couch surfing: it connects you with the locals and provides you with free accommodation. Not only is it cheaper but it gives you a passage to local knowledge on where to go and on what attractions not to miss out!

Even go as far to compare airlines- even if it goes against your preferences it can be cheaper. Learn more on how and where to compare your flight, and soon see how you can save more!

*Always use accredited sites.

That’s a Wrap.

Your Travel Cheap Guide will enable you to be more on the go than not. Try these seven tips:

  • Do Travel Hacking: pre-check the best prices on flight fares.
  • Hit Rock-Bottom: always be on the lookout for discounts and coupons to save!
  • Cook on the Go: rather travel, don’t use valuable travel money on food.
  • Be Clever When Buying: buy your travel accessories at local shops, avoid tourist shops.
  • Planning is Key: booking ahead saves you money.
  • Go Team: travelling in a group has its advantages.
  • Don’t Expect Luxury: be flexible and not too fussy about your preferences.

Whether it is To Port Elizabeth, To London or From Johannesburg to Cape Town, cheap flights are possible!

Find the Best Deal for You

Serious about travelling? Then don’t settle for less, settle for the best. Whether you are travelling domestic or international, make sure the price you pay is the best offer. Why waste valuable travel time searching for the best flight if one site compares them all?

Still serious about travelling? So are they! Comparing your flight are their job. With over 200 airlines on their database, they make sure you receive the top offer available. Not only do they search your flight, but they search it according to your preferences. It is a convenience at a click of a button. Get to know what sites you can use for the best results.

Step by Step

Benefitting When Comparing

Keeping up with today’s rush is already a challenge. Getting that perfect travel deal between several airlines and during different time slots can almost be like writing your final exam. But it doesn’t have to be! Get the cheapest flight with no extra effort or hassle.

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Choose to Compare

Compare flights and save! Don’t settle for less if you can receive the best. Travelling on a budget is possible – when you compare your preferred flight with others. Add even more convenience and get your flight automatically compared with more than 100 other available flights!

Do You Need the 10 Must-Subscribe Flight Sites?

Why do you want to search for flight fares if you can receive it hassle free and daily? Find your perfect budget flight delivered to your email! With no additional costs and more convenience, you can plan your next destination, today!

Learn continuously! Get to know where to subscribe. Whether you are young or a bit more experienced in life, you can still make use of a few tips! Signing up to an email list brings either positive or negative result: it depends on where you are signed up, and when your scheduled flight is. Receiving unwanted emails may be an inconvenience, but just wait for that first perfect deal you get.

Receive valuable deals and discounts that suit your profile and needs the best. Personalise your request and ensure you get the best flight for less! Decided to read more? Get your top 10 must-subscribe flight sites. You can customise your need: determine what your budget is; where and when you want to travel; how many tickets you want and what class you prefer. Where can you find these websites? Right here!

Your Top 10 Must-Subscribe Flight Sites: Start Exploring Today.

Get all your travel info with the press of a button. Signup to the following websites and receive the latest travel deals, news and discounts. Ultimately, be the first to know where the specials for the best flight fares are.

Be Clever!

For Your Convenience, Be Emailed.

Receive the flight fare you have been waiting for with no hassle at all. With personalising your requirements, the only problem will be to decide which trip you want to take. Don’t miss out on visiting your dream destination, sooner than later!

Be on High Alert. Your Top 5 Sites for Last Minute Discounts

Are you the adventures type? Or you need to book a flight, unexpected? No problem! Together with comparing flights and finding the cheapest flights for you, you can sign up to receive last minute discount flights. If you must go somewhere, unplanned, with a tight budget, this service can help you. Or if you are the last minute traveller looking for the perfect deal to pay less and travel more- make sure you consider the listed websites below.

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Introducing Last Minute Discounts

Travelling doesn’t have to be excessively expensive, but it can be when you don’t use available resources to your advantage. There are hundreds of websites wanting to assist you in finding that perfect flight. Be careful to trust them all. Always make sure you use accredited sites that are also efficient in saving you time and money. Learn more about travelling cheap, right here! Be clever and contentiously use the same sites you usually use- this will ensure discounts and earn you extra rewards when using them on a regular basis.

Not Enough Sites?

Travel You Shall

When you prefer to book ahead; do it! But if you are the last-minute type of traveller, be sure to book your next flight for less. Sign-up or keep checking discount flight sites to find that perfect flight offer for you.

You Can Travel Cheaper and More.

Not on Social Media? Today you don’t ask someone whether they are active on social media or not. You rather ask what social media do they frequently use. The social media are more than just a platform to share memorable photos and quotes. People get connected, you discover and learn. How does this relate to cheaper flights? Or how can the social media ensure that you travel more for less?

Airlines invest in their social media platforms! They constantly research their customers; what their needs are; what are their preferences; what are their comments on using a particular airline? Mainly the 21 Century’s buzz happens all on social media. People take their emotions and experiences to the social media platforms. And businesses? They take to social media their products/services; ongoing campaigns; and specials they have to offer!

How Your Social Media can Benefit You

What type of traveller are you? Even if you are the adventurous, going solo, moving in a group, or save every penny kind of traveller you can benefit from social media! In general, last minute discounts and the cheapest flights are advertised on an ongoing rate. Keeping a close watch on your social media can help you get that cheapest ticket. It is not only airlines who offer specials. People sell their tickets when their plans change – and you want that cheap ticket!

Learn More on Traveling Cheaper

Consider at Least 3 Social Media Platforms

Don’t stop at three. The more connected you are, the closer you are to travelling cheaper.

  • Let’s start with introducing Facebook, which might be the most familiar for young and old. This medium enables you to visit airline pages and groups which advertise specials and discounts on a regular basis. Cheap Flights South Africa is a page you can like. Also, consider second-hand groups where tickets are swapped or sold in your area.
  • Make sure you Twitter! Follow the right accounts and be ready to act when the perfect deal appears. Who do you follow? Start with following your favourite airlines. They would advertise discounts, seasonal offers or last minute cheap flights. Are you subscribed to any other flight sites such as TravelHacking as grabaflight, Fare.Compare, Airfarewatchdog or Orbitz? Find them on Twitter and see instant flight alerts!
  • Instant on Instagram? Not so much. Following airlines or cheaper flight sites can motivate you to travel but don’t expect too much info on discounts, special offers or alerts. If you are a traveller and want to share those memorable moments you can post your photo and tag the airline or flight site you used to book your flight. Who knows; tagging an airline might just get you a once-off discount or extra reward!

Connect and Save

Surfing on the social media not only benefit your travel budget but it connects you with the travel world. Invest your time in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or any other social media platform you prefer. Stay connected, and get your cheapest flight for less. Make sure you check out our thoughts on travel website design!

Next Steps

Explore your country more, for less. Travel with a budget is possible. It starts with hacking your flight and choosing the best offer to fly. Make sure you check out our article about driving lessons in South Africa!

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Your Quick Guide to Travel Cheap

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