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Why Do We Offer You Cheap Flights

There is no need to spend hours sitting in traffic, falling asleep behind the wheel or making endless small talk with the family and fighting over the radio station or which CD to listen when you make use of the cheapest flights available on the market.

When you want cheap flights to Durban, rather than driving, you will have the luxury of airline attendants, constrained seats, cutting your travel time substantially and avoiding the small talk and radio battles when you pretend to nap or be enthralled in the book you are reading.

We have something special for you. We’ve prepared a great infographic that will show you exactly how to get cheap flights! Do NOT miss it!

We want to make it possible for you to travel from the North to the South, the outer west to the inner west and all around Durban without the troubles of looking for the perfect flights.

Jump in your rental car and take to the road, visit the uShaka Marine World for some fun in the water or if you would prefer to stay dry with both feet on the floor then the Mitchell Park Zoo is the place for you.

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From Durban to Johannesburg to Cape Town, we will get you there at the most convenient prices on the market. We offer you cheap flights to Durban from the best service providers in the country, so you can trust that we have your best interests in mind.

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No More Endless Searching For Cheap Flights

We understand that searching for flights can be a long and tedious process, searching the internet one airline at a time can result in wasting time because the prices change on a constant basis as the demand changes and availability varies.

We’ve prepared for you a list with things to do in Durban! Check it!

In other words, by the time you have finally made up your mind and decided option one was the cheapest option one might not be available anymore and option two might now be option three and option three might be option one and in the end you have no options anymore because it all seems like your options are mixed and you do not know where to start anymore.

Depending on a travel agent to book your ticket is equally tiring as you spend hours on the phone or emailing with the travel agent.

They don’t always understand your travel itinerary; they do not understand your budget constraints, they also do not know when you are urgently looking for answers or whether you have done your own research.

After countless emails when it finally feels like you are on your way to getting the ticket the travel agent goes radio silent and you do not know if your ticket has been booked, or you spend hours watching your email waiting for the moment when your booking is confirmed.

Cheap Flights To Durban Searching

Finding a cheap flight can take hours of searching if you are really dedicated to finding the cheapest flight possible, that is if you do not give up and just choose the first flight you find which is oddly always the most expensive flight.

Rather spend those extra few rands at the Suncoast Casino and try your luck at making it a million or tour the Moses Mabhida Stadium, we swept off your feet by the highest building in the 2011 Genius World Record.

You do not have to worry about searching, phoning or emailing, neither do you have to worry about radio silent travel agents or small talk in the car because we have gone through all the hours of searching for you and we have found the cheapest flights in the market all for you.

There are so many cultural things to do in Durban! It’s hard to visit and see everything and this is why we have prepared a detailed list specially for you! Check it!

What To Consider When Purchasing An Airline Ticket

Everybody often thinks that purchasing an airline ticket is as easy as going onto the internet and choosing the best ticket you find or leaving it to a travel agent to handle but there are some things to consider, such as how much are you willing to pay, which airline do you prefer, how reputable are they?

Do not just buy a ticket because you are buying a ticket, think about it and think consider everything there is to know about the ticket.

Cheap Flights Durban Remember

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Steps To Follow When Purchasing A Ticket

  • Check the fares as often as possible to determine their fluctuation patterns and establish when you will get the cheapest fares whilst purchasing your ticket.
  • Do not wait too late to purchase your ticket, the closer to the flight date which you purchase the ticket the more expensive the fare will be.
  • Choose the day you fly on carefully as the day of your flight will determine if you pay a higher fare, generally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the least expensive whereas Fridays and Sundays are the most expensive.
  • Remember which season or holiday you will be flying in, long weekends, school holidays and festive seasons will generally be more expensive.
  • Cross reference the airline fares to find the best prices on the market which will suit your itinerary.
  • Know what the airline luggage constraints are and what your luggage needs are, also be conscious of the airline’s extra baggage policy and the penalties accompanied therewith.

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know your prime times, know your seasons and pack light because shopping is always more fun on holidays.

These should be the only things which you worry about for your trip.

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Experience Durban From The Air

From high up in the sky, you will have the perfect bird’s eye view Click To Tweet

of what Durban has to offer you, and we are not referring to the water lapping against the beaches.

Play a game or two while you wait for the pilot to land the airplane, see if you can spot the main roads running in, out and through Durban, can you identify the M4, N2 and N3, which one takes you in and which one takes you out, which one brings you closer to the ocean.

Do you know where the King Cetshwayo Hwy or Sydney rd is because we certainly do, or maybe little games do not amuse you and all you want to do is admire the brilliant city from above.

We have made it our mission to give you the best travel experience, even if it is only to lighten the stress of searching for the flight which will make the vacation possible.
Cheap Flights Durban Best Travel Experience
By doing all the research, building all the relationships with our service providers we have ensured that you can find flights quickly and easily without spending hours searching.

We want to give you the opportunity to take the time you will waste on searching for other flights than ours and invest it in finding activities to keep yourself occupied with.

There are loads of things to occupy yourself with, activities such as Government Rehabilitation Centres in Durban, the water fiesta at the uShaka Marine World, admiring the wonders of nature at the botanical gardens or the Mitchell Park Zoo, maybe a trip to the Umgeni River Bird Park.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on why you might want cheap flights to Durban, read our articles on recreation in Durban, cultural activities to do in Durban and our blockbuster list of things to do in Durban. You’ll be booking your flight by the time you’re done having a look at all that this city has to offer! Make sure you read our article on ‘cheap car insurance‘, ‘7 Tips on How to Travel Cheap‘ or ‘Your Quick Guide to Travel Cheap‘.

Plan your trip from the North Central to the South Central and everything in between and all around.

Call Us – Durban Is Waiting For You

If we have not convinced you yet then contact us and give us a chance to make up your mind!

Your Durban experience is waiting for you whether it is the natural attractions, man-made entertainment extravaganzas or the tallest building with its adrenalin pumping activities which is drawing you to the coastal town you will have our support all the way.

Choose our cheap flights to Durban, let us be your travel companions and let your budget worries flow away like the waves of the ocean.

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We Have Your Cheap Flights To Durban In Our Pocket

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