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Johannesburg Is Only A Flight Away

You have better things to do with your time than spend countless hours roaming the internet for cheap flights to Johannesburg.

In the same way that we have better things to do with our time than enduring endless hours on the roads, navigating through traffic tempering our tempers with taxi’s and pedestrians, standing in long ques at the toll gates and maybe even getting a little more than lost.

Rather spend all this wasted time doing something productive like planning to which shops you will be going once you hit Sandton City.

With major motorways which run from the northern suburbs of Gauteng to the southern suburbs, you can go anywhere in Johannesburg, from the N17 to the De Villiers Graaff Motorway and the Francois Oberholzer Fwy you can find your way through the crazy concrete city.

These are the motorways you need to know because they will bring you to your entertainment centres and ensure that you will not have a dull moment in the bright and vibrant city.

Cheap Flights To Johannesburg Motorway

With Gold Reef City and Montecasino within reach, you can be sure to

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From the roller coaster rides which will make your head spin and make you feel giddy as a child, or bring the adult out in you to make an extra penny at the casino and maybe you will be the next lucky millionaire but the safest bet will take the extra money you save on your flight and enjoy a night out on the town.

Want to know more of what you can’t expect? We’ve got some great articles for you to read on things to do in Johannesburg, Johannesburg’s natural attractions and a list of fun things to do in Johannesburg.

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You Have Reached The End Of Your Search

Johannesburg can be an intimidating place for anybody who does not come from Gauteng, who is not used to the hustle and bustle of the cars, the people and the maze of roads which is accompanied by the mixture of confusing traffic markings and almost never working traffic lights.

The Johannesbourg nature is marvelous! So many things to see and do! We have a list for you! Check it! You will not regret we promise!

We have something special for you. We’ve prepared a great infographic that will show you exactly how to get cheap flights! Do NOT miss it!

As intimidating and confusing as the roads of Johannesburg is when you need to start thinking about making travel plans.

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calling the airlines or using travel agents to find you the best fares in the market can be tiresome, it takes a lot of patience and time.
Cheap Flights Johannesburg Plans
The perfect solution to this tedious activity is an incorporated solution where you combine the searching, contacting and all the airlines in one so that you do not have to waste time, you have all the information you need in one spot.

Rather spend the time you would spend on looking for airline tickets on looking for things to do, things such as visiting the Apartheid Museum to learn a little more of the nation’s history, or visit the Constitution Hill which is the home of the constitutional court and various prison forts.

But don’t just spend your time trapped in history, bond with nature at the Lion Park or enjoy an evening out with your friends at family at one of the various restaurants at Montecasino.


How To Book A Cheap Flight To Johannesburg

There is no need to pay more for a flight ticket than is necessary, so to ensure that you do not fall into the trap of paying higher rates than you absolutely need to, take a moment to do your homework on how to book cheap flights.

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What You Need To Know To Book Cheap Flights

  • Sign up with a network where you can earn through your flying, you need a program which will award you with flyer mile points which you can use to your advantage for even cheaper flights in the future.
  • When you are checking flight fares you need to compare domestic including international airline fares, as you will be surprised to discover that sometimes international is cheaper than domestic flights.
  • Be mindful of odd day specials such as Friday the 13th (we can thank the world’s superstitious nature for this little special) including, and surprisingly, flights on the 25th and 31st of December might be cheaper.
  • Sign up for alerts on cheap flight deals.

Cheap Flights Johannesburg Options

  • When you are booking domestic flights for your outbound and return flight, book the flights separately unless there is a special (there is often a misconception that booking them together will be cheaper)
  • When you are going inbound or outbound to or from Johannesburg compare the prices for O.R Tambo International Airport and the Johannesburg Lanseria Airport.
  • Keep in mind that for domestic flights your cheapest flight options will be on Saturday afternoons, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.
  • If you need to change your booking compare the prices of the costs to do so telephonically or over the internet as there are often differences in the cost.
  • Book your ticket in advance, the longer you wait to book your tickets the more costly the airline fare will be as the airlines generally sell their cheapest tickets first.
  • If you have flexibility in your travel plans then book 4 to 10 weeks before the flight, if the airlines have not filled the plane they will have specials on the ticket prices.
  • Compare the current airline prices to historical prices, if they are lower you would be best advised to purchase the ticket as it is not likely that the prices would go lower.
  • If there is a pay later option make use of it as it gives you 24 – 48 hours to look for a better rate and eliminate some of the chances that the airline runs specials after you have purchased your ticket.

If all of this does not give you satisfactory cheap flights then date a pilot or flight attendant, they have major flight perks.

But all in all no matter if you book your flight today or tomorrow, somehow you can always convince yourself you have paid more than what was necessary, so let us take the burden off your shoulders and look for the cheap flights on your behalf.

Embrace Your Johannesburg Flights Experience

Johannesburg is that crazy kind of place where people drive like maniacs no matter where you are northern suburbs, eastern suburbs, north-western suburbs, southern suburbs, the south-eastern suburbs and Soweto, but the worst of all is the inner city.

There are so many fun things to do in Johannesbourg! We have a detailed article that will guide you! Make sure you check it!

It will always feel like there is a complot to test your super ninja driving abilities Click To Tweet

at avoiding other cars or other pedestrians.

While you are busy navigating the roads make sure to navigate your way to the Apartheid Museum in Soweto where you will experience an important part of South Africa’s history or make your way to Gold Reef City where you can play on the rides, eat some junk food and watch some 4D movies with water spraying you, chairs shaking and chairs poking you, it is an experience which will rock your world.
Cheap Flights Johannesburg Save Money
When you use our cheap flights you will have a little extra cash available to enjoy more activities in the city of lights and life.

We offer cheap flights to Johannesburg to see how much money we can save you because there is nothing worse than spending all your hard worked money on a flight and then counting your pennies when you are on holiday.

Your Flight To Johannesburg Is Waiting For You

Find out more about our cheap flights to Johannesburg, what it entails and where you can go.

Take a moment to appreciate the luxury of not having to do the groundwork yourself, you do not have to search endlessly or phone a soul, we have done it all and we are ready to work on your behalf so all you have to do is sit back, relax and let the excitement kick in for your upcoming holiday.

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