How does the Travel Hacking List work?

The Travel Hacking List works in a very simple way. I search for cheap flights throughout the day, and when I find a good one, I sent it to the list.


What is the advantage of using Travel Hacking List over other sites?

I find the best deals to and from various places and ensure that you know about them before they are taken. In addition to this, unlike other sites, I’m not here to make a commission from every flight you book. For this reason, I only list the best deals.


How many emails will you send?

Well, it depends on the number of great deals out there. I would say, an average of a couple a month. I believe in finding you the best deals rather than sending you useless emails just to meet my daily quota.


Are you going to send me emails with fake deals?

No. I don’t like lists that beg you to buy a flight ticket every time the price drops because they want to get a commission. Because I don’t get any commission, my goal is to help you find the best deals.


I’m not from South Africa. How can I benefit from this?

For now, you cannot benefit from this service because all deals I find and sent out will come from South Africa. There is high chance that I will be expanding to other countries soon; therefore, if you want to be notified when that happens, feel free to join the list now.


Are you flexible enough to help me find a cheap flight to a place around the world?

If you can’t wait for a cheap fare to your destination to be sent out, I’m flexible enough to offer personalized flight consultation. Unfortunately, I can’t do it for free, given the many requests I get every day.


You are so amazing, but I don’t have the cash to pay for the personalized consultation service. How can you help me?

I have a short eBook that features all the secrets I know on how to get cheap flights. The eBook will help you find the best deals on your own.


Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes you can. Just email me and use the subject “Unsubscribe premium list” in the subject. I will feel pretty bummed that you’re leaving but I will bounce back.


Finding the best international flight deals is not that difficult. It’s something you can do with much ease with my step-by-step book. My experience in the industry helps me to scour for the cheapest flight fares all day, and when I find a good deal, I sent it out to the Cheap Flights List. My goal is to find the cheapest fares to/from more places and ensure that you see them before they are snatched. And, unlike other sites and agents that are out there to make a living from this job, I don’t charge any commission. I only send out genuine deals.

I believe that you value your time and you wouldn’t want to waste time reading lame emails. For this reason, I take my time to find the most affordable deals around the world. I don’t waste time with fare prices that are not anything close to what you would consider as cheap.

If you can’t wait for cheap flight prices to your destination to be sent, you can contact me directly so that I can offer you personalized flight consultation at a small fee. Most of the alerts I sent out are for economy fares, but you will receive fares for business/first class once in a while.



Satisfaction Guarantee

I only send out exceptionally good prices. Because I don’t get any commission, my goal is to help you find the best deals out there. I guarantee total customer satisfaction by ensuring that the list is constantly updated with only the cheapest flights.
~ Alex ~
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