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If you are planning a last minute holiday, don’t just wing it. Whether you are roaming in Rome of chilling in Chile, there are many secrets to save money and ensure that you have a great holiday.

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These travel tips will help you find the cheapest flights, reclaim cash for flight delays and other travel hacks:

Choose a Destination For Your Last Minute Holiday

The vital thing to keep in mind is that you’re being unprompted, which goes together with not being a picky person.

You may have many places in mind to visit, but always stay open to places you haven’t thought of yet. When looking for affordable air tickets, think about locations that have great deals. Find a place you can relax or fun things to do in the area.

At times, driving for an hour outside the town for a change in scenery is just enough to do the trick; therefore, never limit yourself to grand destinations. You might end up finding a low cost last minute holiday package somewhere small and quiet.

Concentrating on finding new experiences, rather than the specific ones in your dreams, is a good way of having the best time without getting held up in too much planning.

Last Minute Holiday

Create Time To Travel

Finding the time is the trickiest part of packing up and going anyplace at the last minute. In fact, apart from cost, that’s the reason why you are sitting at your house reading this post rather than enjoying that nice meal at affordable holiday destinations. If you are being held back by time, there are some things to do.

Maybe you can only take a weekend trip simply because it is impossible to leave work right now. You should do it anyway. While it may seem hard to justify flying or driving somewhere new when you are required to returns soon, especially when you have to incur additional costs.

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So try to imagine what a weekend away from routine can do.

If you can get away for longer then it’s a plus. The problem that you’ll be facing is making the plans last minute. If you have your sick leave stocked away then you can fake an illness just o get yourself some extra days. Well, while this isn’t ethical, the emotional/mental sick days are not part of your benefits plan.

Alternatively, if you have an understanding employer, you can just ask. You will definitely get one day off and you can always make up a case that a refresher will let you gain more energy back that you need to be productive at work. In addition to this, you may be able to negotiate a case where you are working remotely. Although not all jobs are flexible enough to let you work remotely, it is a very rare request and you can do your job away from the office, you have every reason to ask.

Whichever way you go about it, the most important thing is make time and not find it. If you have been avoiding making travel plans for some time you’ve got a great opportunity for a last minute holiday and might be able to take advantage of last minute specials. It should be a relief when you stop making excuses and get out of your comfort zone.

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Get A Cheap Flight

If you are a frequent traveler then you should know ways to find cheap international flights. There are many sites that can help you find the best deals, but you have to ensure that you choose the best flight finder. Ensure that you sign up with a site that will send you alerts when a last minute holiday deal comes up.

If you don’t like this method of finding low cost domestic flights, you can do your own research and weigh you options. When searching for the best deal, ensure that you use date range search instead of specifics. Some airlines will show you a range by default. Most of the time, you will find cheap flights in the evening of weekdays or by simply looking for prices on Tuesday afternoon.

You just need to be as flexible as possible. Well, if you can’t be flexible with dates then you should be flexible with your location. You should go somewhere you can find an affordable train, bus ticker or simply where you can drive. There are many bus lines in South Africa that offer interesting destinations. There are many ways to save money; therefore, you shouldn’t consider ruling anything out. Remain open to all possibilities.

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Find Things to Do and a Place to Stay

The most interesting part about going for a holiday vacation in a new place is basically picking your exact location since every city or town has its own unique sites and interesting things to offer. If you love hotels and prefer going that route, there are many tools you can use, but it is recommended to use last minute holiday services that have a good reputation to find an apartment or room instead. First and most importantly, it’s cheaper. Secondly, you can stay in someone’s extra room to get the benefit of the same privacy you would get from a hotel, and a local who may be friendly enough to offer you advice.

Even if you choose to rent the whole place on your own, you will still enjoy the benefit of having a home far away from home with a good kitchen.

The property may also have computers, movies, video games, books, etc, which means that you will have many things to do.

Aside from the price, when choosing a certain location for your holiday, you should pretend that you are actually moving there.

This is one of the best ways to approach a trip as it enables you to learn more about your destination, hence saving you the worry and hassle about what you will be doing when you arrive there. Some of the most interesting things that any place has to offer are simply the normal things that we do every day.

Well, chances are that you are not going to jam-pack tourist attractions into every second of your trip.

You may want to catch a movie at the theater in town, buy a new pair of pants or grab a drink at a bar. If you are planning to move to a new city then you should do more research to understand how things operate there. You are obviously going on a vacation and not really moving.

Although planning a holiday is fun, the occasional trip is what you need when you are stressed or want to have an exciting, good experience.

Get a Free Android App That Translates 90 Languages

If you are traveling to a country where English isn’t spoken widely, you can turn your android smartphone into a translator without incurring any costly data.

Visiting Google play store and find the Google Translate app. It is available for free for both Android and iPhone. It lets you translate phrases and words from a certain language.

Another interesting thing about the app is that it allows you to download free language packs on your phone so that you can access offline. You should do this in South Africa before you leave and you won’t need data to use when you are overseas.

It’s simple! Download the app, open it, tap the menu button and choose “offline languages”. Then press the pin button for languages you want to download. You will find 90 languages to choose from, including Thai, Greek, French and Spanish.

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Hotel Star System Can’t Be Trusted

Remember that hotel star system isn’t standardized around the world. Click To Tweet

As a matter of fact, it is simply an indicator of facility, not quality.

A 5 star hotel may not deliver to your expectations because the stars just mean it has extra facilities.

So don’t count on this if you are looking for the best hotel for your getaway. In addition to this, the star system differs from one country to another.

The stars may be given by review organizations, governments or the hotel itself. If you are looking for the best hotel in your last minute hassle, you can use TripAdvisor’s feedback.

Many Airlines Give You Buggies And Child Car Seats For Free

If you are in a car or whether you are hiring one for road trip or rushing to the airport, and you have your child with you, you should always ensure that they are in a car seat.

It can be really expensive renting one though. There are other options that you can explore. For example, some airports have stalls where you can rent the seats at half the price. But, of course, the best bet will be to carry your own.

Most airlines let you check in a pushchair and car seat for free plus your usual luggage allowance. Rules governing what you can bring with you vary though. Some airlines insist that you reduce the luggage allowance or buy a separate seat for your child.

You should also note that you can use your child’s car seat on the plane. The car will, however, need to meet certain criteria and it certainly depends on the plane you are traveling on.

Choose the Best Seats For Your Last Minute Holiday

Once you have your ticket, use specialists sites to check the seating plan of the plane. If you will be flying on a budget flight with unassigned seats then you will need to turn up early so that you choose the best seat.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your last minute holiday we’ve got you covered with cheap flights (just sign up for our newsletter), travel hacks for frequent fliers, cheap holidays, how to travel cheap around the world and the best holiday destinations.

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8 Tips For Planning A Cheap Last Minute Holiday

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