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Fill Your List Of Things To Do In Durban With Fun And Games

Scuba diving, surfing, rickshaws and Madiba,

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During 2010 the FIFA Soccer World Cup was hosted in this vibrant city, if you enjoy adrenalin then a visit to the Moses Madhiba Stadium is in order or maybe you have a few extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket then the Suncoast Casino is the casino for you.

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Let The Fun And Games Begin

Moses Mabhida Stadium

The Moses Mabhida stadium reached the Genius World Record 2011 for the tallest building in the world, not only did this iconic building reach the world record it also allows adrenalin junkies with an opportunity to plunge off the 106 metre arch on the Big Swing.

Adrenalin is not everybody’s cup of tea that is why you can take a trip in the SkyCar or a 550-step adventure walk to the top of the arch, the top of the stadium providing a panoramic view of the ocean and Durban.

Recreating Things To Do In Durban Moses Mabhida Stadium

Umgeni River Bird Park

Dr Alan Abrey visited an old quarry site which used to contain water as a young boy while growing up, it is only fitting that he designed the Umgeni River Bird Park.

The Umgeni River Bird Park was opened in April 1984 Click To Tweet

by the mayor of Durban, Councillor Sybil Hotz.

In this 3.5 hectares of lush tropical landscaping, there is an ever increasing collection of more than 800 birds from 200 species, some of which are the only representatives of their kind in Africa.

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Suncoast Casino

Opened during November 2002 the Suncoast Casino is comfortably nestled between towering palm trees on the beachfront along the Durban “Golden Mile” providing you with 26 hectares of entertain extravagances.

Offering an array of gaming, shopping, dining and live entertainment combined with a Miami South Beach feeling.

The casino boasts with 1 600 slot machines and 67 gaming tables ensuring that there is a game to everybody’s requirements.

Recreating Things To Do In Durban Suncoast Casino

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Mitchell Park Zoo

The Mitchell Park Zoo was established in the early half of the century and named after Sir Charles Bullen Hugh Mitchell.

Mitchel Park is filled with a host of small animals and birds Click To Tweet

ranging from crocodiles, buck, racoons, cranes, flamingos, wallabies, monkeys and tortoises.

The park offers you more than small animals and birds, it offers a sand-filled playground, jungle gyms, swings and other child occupying equipment.

Recreating Things To Do In Durban Mitchell Park Zoo

King Park Stadium

Rugby and soccer matches along with occasional music festivals are hosted by the Kind Park Stadium.

King Park has been the home of rugby since 1891 but has hosted many top soccer events during the time of its existence.

The stadium is the home ground of the Sharks rugby franchise, with lowered stands it allows the spectators to get up close to the action on the field and to their favourite players making it a favourite for locals and visitors looking for things to do in Durban.

Places To See And Games To Play

From water to land, flowers to animals, soccer to bungee jumping, this vibrant city is brimming with activities which are waiting to challenged, things to see and saltwater to choke on.

Choose your list of things to do in Durban carefully, jam-pack it with activities for the family and enjoy the fresh ocean air.

If you want to find out more on what Durban can offer you then we are the place you need to direct your questions to, let us help you plan your Durban holiday or read our articles on cheap flights to Durban, cultural activities to do in Durban and our blockbuster list of things to do in Durban. You’ll be booking your flight by the time you’re done having a look at all that this city has to offer!

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